The Gallery below is a Retrospective — Past Sins — of the Publications of Bélier Press, from 1974 through 1986, inclusive.  Except for ASGI (1974), Carload O’ Comics (1976), Breakdowns, (1977) and The Complete Frtiz the Cat (1978), all of the others were distributed only to Adult Bookstores through Star Distributors (N.Y.C.).  These included: Amateur Bondage (2 Volumes), Betty Page: Private Peeks (4 Volumes), Bizarre Classix (5 Volumes), Bizarre Comix (24 Volumes), Bizarre Fotos (4 Volumes), and Bizarre Katalogs (2 Volumes).  All of the titles distributed by Star were Softcover Books — not Periodicals — (with ISBN numbers) that were produced in a magazine-like format (8 1/2” x 11” & Saddle-Stapled).  Two additional titles — both of which were Edited by Art Spiegelman — Hot Nuts and Under the Stars in Hollwood (The Tiajuana [sic] Bible Revival, Volumes One & Two) — were published in a smaller (8 1/4” x 5 1/4”) format, but those two did not have the Bélier Press imprint.  With a few exceptions, the Print-runs averaged 6,500 to 7,500 copies; however, 9,500 copies of Sweeter Gwen and The Return of Gwendoline (Stanton) were printed.  Some titles were never remaindered, but when they were, one of the Outer (Top or Bottom) Corners was Rounded.

      All of the above Books are Out-of-Print and are Unavailable from the Publisher, so Please do not ask us for copies of any of them.  However, virtually all of our Past Sins can be found in the secondary Collector’s marketplace, that deals in Second-Hand/Used & "Rare" Books, etc., as well as on Amazon and eBay.  It has been our experience that eBay (in both the Open and Adult sections) is often the Best and Least Expensive source for the titles that were sold only in Adult Book Stores.  The Prices on ABE Books, Amazon, and Book Finder tend to be Higher, sometimes Ridiculously so.  If you are interested in Collecting any of our publications, we recommend that you be Patient.  Most Dealers are Ignorant about relative Availability and Condition, and too many of them tend to be Greedy.  Don’t be Sucker!
      Hot Nuts and Under the Stars in Hollywood are Uncommon, which is Odd, since the print-run for each of them was about 10,000 copies.  The most expensive title is Breakdowns (by Art Spiegelman), of which only 1,677 copies were bound.  Regrettably, the book was a Commercial Failure; only 1,227 copies were Sold, including 108 to the Author.  In the Spring of 1980, the Balance of the Edition (450 copies) was given to A.S.  Breakdowns is now sought-after by Collectors and although, surprisingly, copies are plentiful, the Asking Prices (from Greedy dealers) vary Wildly.  Our advice to you, once again, is: Don’t be a Sucker!